5 FL Studio Tips To Improve Your Workflow

Working efficiently in your DAW of choice is important yet often underrated aspect of music production. Learning your DAW and it’s shortcuts can be beneficial in allowing you to finish your projects faster and is especially helpful if you are working under tight deadlines. Whether your a new producer or just transitioning from another DAW to FL Studio, in this guide we give you a few tips to help speed up your workflow in FL Studio.

1. Important hotkeys (F6, F7, F9)

Becoming comfortable with these three hotkeys will help you save time when you want to open the piano roll (F7), channel rack (F6), or mixer (F9).

2. Quickly route sounds to the mixer

You can route sounds to the channel rack quickly by first selecting your sound in the channel rack and then pressing CTRL + L.

FL Studio channel rack with a sound selected that is not routed to the mixer.

After that, the sound routes to the next available mixer track.

FL Studio channel rack and mixer with the selected sound now routed to the first mixer track.
3. Consolidate audio

Sometimes you might want to convert your midi patterns to audio to help cut down on CPU usage that can slow your computer down. A quick way of doing this is to select the pattern in your playlist and press CTRL + Shift + Alt + C. Once the render menu appears you can click start and an audio clip of your midi will be created on your playlist.

FL Studio render menu.
Depiction of FL Studio playlist with a midi pattern and the rendered audio of the midi pattern.
4. Duplicate a selection

Often times you may want to quickly duplicate an entire section of a project. You can do this by pressing CTRL + B. Doing this will copy your selection directly after the selected area.

5. Create a new pattern

Rather than having to click the new pattern button in the playlist, this can be done a lot quicker using the CTRL + F4 keyboard shortcut. This shortcut will create a new pattern and allow you to name it on the spot.