Best Unique Guitar Effects Pedals For Beatmakers

Creative guitar effects pedals can be a great addition to any producers aresenal of sound design tools. There are some amazingly unique sounding and useful pedals out there on the market currently. Today we will cover some of the best guitar effects pedals currently on the market for producers looking to take their sound to the next level.

1. Handsome Audio Zulu Passive Analog Tape Simulator

Authentic sounding analog tape saturation is a sound that is sought after by producers across the music industry in all genres. Furthmore, achieving this sound in the modern era has proved somewhat of a challenge. Previously, the only way to achieve this sound was to buy a tape machine second hand. This can be somewhat of a hassle as maintaining a tape machine and getting it serviced regularly can be difficult and expensive. Handsome Audio’s Zulu Tape pedal solves this problem, giving you an authentic analog saturation at the same price as most second hand tape machines without the hassle of maintainance.

2. Chase Bliss Audio Blooper

This pedal is a cult classic and well kept secret within the online producer community. On the surface it may just seem like a regular looper pedal but once you dig into the extensive and unique options this pedal provides you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities. With this pedal it is possible to create some incredibly unique and lucious soundscapes.

3. Chase Bliss Audio MOOD

With this one we have another offering from chase bliss audio. Similarly to Blooper, MOOD will allow you to loop a specific idea and warp it into something completely unique. MOOD’s suite of spacial effects will allow you to create otherwordly textures from the most simple looped ideas.

4. Hologram Electronics Microcosm

Microcosm is a granular effects pedal with a plethora of options from pitch shifting, delay, stereo reverb, various looping techniques and more. Furthermore, this pedal has 11 different modes and 4 external effects. Mixing and matching these options will open up infinitely possibilities for shaping your sound. The pedal also has 44 user presets to start from and customize to your liking.

5. Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water

With Shallow Water you can add a random pitch modulation to your signal. The sound resembles a mixture of vibrato, chorus, and flanger to create a unique pitch modulation to further colour your sound.